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Blog For Profit

So you want to know how to blog for profit? Good! You should! Because if you have a business, then you should want to learn how to make money….especially when there are THOUSANDS of people searching for your products and services on the internet.

And if you are not there to position yourself in front of them, your competition will be!

The question that so many people ask me is…

“Lisa, how do I start making profits with blogging without sounding like I’m begging?”

And the answer is quite simple….


That’s it!

How To Blog For Profit Without Being A Cheesy Salesperson

I read a lot of blogs from newbies and experts and the big difference between the both of them is that the newbie’s blog is a huge pitch fest. Newbies usually beg people to buy from them without giving them a reason why.

If you want to fall flat on your face as a blogger trying to learn how to blog for profit, keep using your blog like a cheesy sales person who has no clue on how to make any real profits in his/her business.

No one wants to follow people like that anyway….DO YOU?

Of course not!

So, why would someone want to buy from you if your blog is loaded with cheese?


Today I will give you 3 things that you can start doing in your blog post that are so simple, yet so effective.

Let’s get into it…

There’s actually 3 sections inside of a blog post that you should always cover when you are trying to learn how to blog for profit.

how to blog for profit

They are as follows:

Section 1) The Introduction:

Introduction to your blog post and a clear explanation of why your prospect is there and what they will learn from you today. Include an image or video of yourself. This allows you to turn your blog post into human-like. Remember, the reader is just reading text and has no idea who really is behind the content. But, if you make a quick short 1-2 minute video introduction to the blog post, your reader/prospect can see your face and will get a feel of who is behind the blog post.

Section 2) The Value Based Content:

Your reader came to your blog post to learn something. Chances are if they found your blog because you have an awesome title, yet your blog post is a piece of crap, they will leave. In this section, you need to deliver on the promise. If your prospect found you on Google or Social Media somewhere and they came to learn “How To Make Organic White Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Sugar” (for example)…then you better teach them how to do just that. VALUE that will make them feel like they can walk away confidently and implement what you taught them in the blog post.

Section 3) Your Call To Action:

In this section, you have every right to give them a call to action and tell them what to do next. Most people’s CTA’s (Call To Actions) are weak, and they wonder why they can’t get any sales. This section comes AFTER you have provided value to the reader.  A lot of newbies try to do that in section 1 and it’s awful. Here is where you can tell them the next step you want them to take (i.e. click the link to download my PDF, click the button below to watch my video on how to do xyz.)

How To Blog For Profit Without Being A Cheesy Salesperson

As you can see, when you blog the right way, it’s not hard to make money with your blog. Not when your number one goal is to provide value to your readers.

Super simple!

Think about it for a second…

How many times have you Googled something, landed on a valuable blog post, saved the blog so you can come back and read more?

Well, that is exactly what you want your readers to do.

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how to blog for profit

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