People ask me all the time….

“Lisa, what tools do you use to build your business online?”

And I LOVE this question…

Because I remember when I wasn’t using these tools and scratching my head trying to figure out WHY I’m not having success with growing my business online.

Just like an offline business, you have to have systems and tools in place in order to make your business work.

Having an online business is no different. However, the great thing about online vs offline is that online is way more cheaper than having an offline business. The overhead is extremely less in comparison!

Let’s say for example you owned a Barber Shop.

You need to pay for the following:

— Rent
— Electricity
— Supplies
— Insurance
— Decor
— etc.

However, with an online business….it’s a fraction of the cost.

You’re LUCKY!

So, I wanted to share with you my TOP 3 Tools for building a business online that will help you get more leads and make more sales: